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Sand Hill Commons

  Recycling Programs

Clarion Partners’ Solid Waste Management Policy aims to reduce the amount of waste and toxins hauled to and disposed of in landfills. It addresses material reuse, recycling, and composting as well as waste measurement and proper disposal of toxic waste. View it here.

Clarion’s recycling program has a goal of recycling over 75% of total waste generated at Sand Hill Commons, and occupant participation is key to this effort. Please contact the Property Management Office to obtain recycling containers for your space.
Here are some easy-to-initiate strategies that can help reduce landfill disposal of waste:

  • Donate office furniture and equipment
  • Refill toner and printer cartridges rather than replacing entire cartridges every time ink/toner runs out
  • Ensure that each desk, printer, and kitchen has both recycling and trash receptacles
  • Cancel unwanted subscriptions and register for e-newsletters
  • Replace paper towel use by utilizing or installing hand dryers

Please see Clarion’s Green Office Guide for additional strategies.

Electronic Waste
All Clarion Partners properties are encouraged to hold annual e-waste events, typically during Earth Day week in April. Please contact your Property Management Office for information about the next scheduled e-waste event or to request a special pickup.

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